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What, How & Why

Below are some of the most common questions that we get asked.

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What makes your websites better than the others?

Our transparent processes and communication, our commitment towards designing great websites and apps, our sound engineering and a great support team.
We believe in building websites and apps that are not only just a pretty face but also functional.
Our websites and apps are designed to focus on lead generation, online sales, signups etc. ensuring the best return on your investment.
A great balance between aesthetics and functionality is key to creating a good user experience. We’ve learnt this the hard way and want businesses like yours to cash in on our experience.
So, whatever your perception of a good quality website is, we usually end up being better than that.

What Is Pagespeed & What makes It so important?
  • Simply put, Pagespeed is how long it takes for a web page to load.
  • There are many tools out there that you can use to determine your website’s Pagespeed.
  • We use the Pagespeed Insights Tool, by Google, to assess and optimise websites to high standards.
  • There’s a direct correlation between Pagespeed and your website visitor’s behaviour. On average, up to 40% of your website visitors, will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • And this is a significant benefit to you our customer.
  • On top of that, Google uses Pagespeed as one of its ranking factors.
  • So, benefit to you is the quicker your website loads, the higher it ranks on Google.
How is Up & Gro different (and better) than website builders like Wix, Squarespace etc.?

We’re not a self-service website builder service like Wix, Squarespace etc.
What we are, is an experienced team of Web Designers, Developers and Marketers. And, we’re on a mission to build great web experiences for our clients with the least of their involvement.
Creating an effective website requires a lot of time and energy. And, as most of our clients agree, you’ll be better of spending both of these towards growing your business.

How do you keep your prices so competitive. What's the catch?

If we told you, there isn’t a catch, you’ll likely not believe us.
So, here it is (Spoiler Alert: It’s actually not a catch but just good engineering).
We all know that effective teams don’t reinvent the wheel. They twist it, bend it or
change it to reuse it per their specific needs.
We do the same. We’ve reverse-engineered our years of experience into really efficient
processes. These processes help to put together websites in a rapid and cost-effective

What is the Price of a website?
  • If you’ve ever asked this question to a web designer or an agency, you’ve probably got back the good ol’ ‘DEPENDS’.
  • And in all honesty, it actually does DEPEND on various factors – consider specific requirements, functionalities, design scope, content type – get it?
  • But, with Up & Gro, you can be sure with our fixed pricing. Our new rapid design and development process ensures we deliver a website that’s cost-effective while keeping the quality up.
  • You can now get a well designed and highly effective website from just $997.

Check out our packages and inclusions.

What's the sign up process and what happens after?

Step 1 – To sign up, you’ll speak to our team who’ll help refine your ideas and work out the key details required to get your project started.
On this call, our website expert discusses a range of key considerations for your new website. These include (but is not limited to) design, content, functionality and strategy.
At this point, your website expert will also answer any questions that you may have. Once the signup process is completed over the phone, you’ll get a welcome pack explaining the complete process from start to launch.. It includes:

  • A comprehensive plan with timelines and expectations;
  • A questionnaire about your business; and
  • A content pack with resources to help you prepare your website content such as copy or written text, images etc.

Step 2 – Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, we’ll review the information and will get in touch to clarify anything if needed. Thereafter, our design team will create 2 preliminary design options and send them to you for approval. At this stage, you can approve a design or request changes to it (within the timeframe requested).
Step 3 – Once the design is approved, we’ll proceed to code your website and add the content provided. We’ll also provide you with an expected launch date at this point.

How does the 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee applies to all our projects. Its purpose is to enable our customers to buy our website or app services with complete peace of mind.
Customers can request a full refund once they have received the design options and in case they don’t want to proceed further from there.

Do you offer a warranty?
  • Yes, we do (FUN FACT: Majority of other providers don’t).
  • Your new website comes with a 1-year warranty against bugs and technical glitches.
  • Our technicians work very hard to always keep your website software up to date.
  • In short, this ensures optimal performance and protection from security threats
  • And, if anything goes wrong, our support team is available round the clock.
What about ongoing updates & maintenance of the website or app?
  • Most of our websites are built on popular platforms/CMS??? that make it easy for the end user (you) to update the content yourself.
  • We provide a lot of training resources that you can use to update basic content on your website.
  • Alternatively, for one fixed annual fee, we can manage all aspects of your website so that you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • We call these Up & Gro Care packages and you can request a team member to add one at the time of signing up or after your website launch.
Do you offer custom packages?
  • YES, we do.
  • We are small business experts and we design our packages to meet your needs.
  • We create tailored packages to suit your specific needs.

For example, we can mix and match features from various packages, add premium services such as:

  • Design Consultations
  • User Experience Research, Planning & Design
  • Custom Development
  • Web, Mobile (Native & Hybrid) Applications
  • And much more


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