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Our mission is to get every Micro-businesses, Startups, Solopreneurs, MVPs and the likes Up & About on the web in record times and in the most affordable ways.

Our Story

Up & Gro is a classic example of a product built out of necessity. As a COVID-19 era baby, Up & Gro started with one goal in mind – To cater to a growing demand of micro-businesses looking to get online, quickly.

After a stream of early adopters and the learnings that came from their projects, Up & Gro launched its online product offering in April 2021.

Up & Gro is owned and supported by Nexist, a leading creative digital agency HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Success Stories

High-end design, superior performance, optimised conversion and a whole lot more 🙌

We couldn't have asked for any more in our project, especially at that cost and build time.


Director, Jai Ho

A website our customers love and it shows with the rate they keep coming back for more. Repeat customer rate: 53% 🤩


Head of Marketing, People Innovations

As a startup, we can’t thank Nexist enough to help us get on our feet straight and strong. Sales have peaked since Nexist got on board.


Owner, Voucher Store

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